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Preconference to the annual SSRE Conference (2 July, 2012):
Equality and Inequality in the Academic Career

Access to doctoral programmes, the underlying conditions surrounding the process of writing a dissertation, as well as the anticipated, expected and actual value of a thesis are marked by uncertainty, and also inequality which affects women especially. This year's annual preconference of the Swiss Society for Research in Education focuses on the historical, theoretical and empirical analysis of this topic.

The preconference takes place in the course of half a day. It is aimed at young academics, hopes to further discussions, and to provide researchers who are considering a dissertation, are in the process of writing one or have just recently completed theirs with the possibility of asking relevant questions and comparing notes.

The focus will be on the issue of equal and unequal access to conditions enabling a dissertation, as well as an academic career in general: What material requirements are there for the writing of a dissertation? What type of academic network is provided? What influence does the level of establishment a research field has make? What advantages – also in the economic and scientific respect, in regard to employment and academic career – can be gained through the successful completion of a dissertation? Gender issues will be central: What influence does gender have on the course of an academic career? How do the academic departments deal with questions of gender? What explanations are there for established inequality? What possible solutions could there be?



Welcome speach: Prof. Dr. Rolf Becker


I. The conference begins with two short lectures (approx. 20 minutes each)

1. Prof. Dr. Regula Julia Leemann, Professur Bildungssoziologie PH FHNW: «Unsicherheiten und Ungleichheiten in Forschungslaufbahnen – was Nachwuchsforschende wissen sollten.»
2. Dr. Isabelle Collet, Maître d’enseignement et de recherche à l’Institut universitaire de formation des enseignants (IUFE), Université de Genève : « Les femmes ont-elles l'étoffe du chercheurs ? »


II. Researchers share their own experiences

1. Cand. Dr. phil. Florence Ligozat, Université de Genève : « Parcours doctoral en Sciences de l'éducation : témoignage et enjeux. »
2. Dr. Isabelle Caprani, EHB-IFFP-IUFFP: « Un parcours varié dans le but d’enrichir son expérience scientifique. »
3. Dr. phil. Martina Bruggmann, Departement für Bildung, Kultur und Sport, Aarau : «Dissertation ja - Karriere nein?»


III. Open discussion on the equality of opportunities in academic careers


Prof. Dr. Francia Leutenegger, Université de Genève
Prof. Dr. Carmen Baumeler, EHB-IFFP-IUFFP