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Congress 2–4 July, 2012

at the University of Bern

Educational Inequality and Justice: Scientific and Social Challenges

Fundamental requirements for an individual's social integration are access to education, participation in educational processes and the acquisition of diplomas. Even in Switzerland, however, access to education is unevenly distributed. The differences cannot be explained exclusively by individual performance and aptitude, as they strongly depend on socio-economic background. Subsequent ramifications for the individual as well as for society as a whole, ranging from inadequate education to an accumulation of privileges independent of educational circumstances, have made injustice in educational systems a central socio-political question of the twenty-first century in Switzerland and in other European countries.

The topic of the SSRE (Swiss Society for Research in Education) Conference 2012 is 'Educational Inequality and Justice'. The conference will focus on the relationship between education, social inequality and justice, with regard to topics such as the development of social inequality, the effects of disparate access to education, migration, social membership, gender, politics and regulations, school structures and teaching methods, curricula, teacher training and the educational and employment market, as well as the historical background and role of ideas of justice and the historical development of the inclusion-exclusion principle or past attempts at understanding injustice in the educational system. The aim of the conference is academic exchange and the discussion of educational, political and administrational as well as practical school aspects.